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This was painted in January 2021. It was a cold day and I was in the studio along with special visitors, my sister, and nieces, who were also making artwork.

I did a brief meditation about the direction the painting should take. I heard the word 'flight' I was guided to follow the brush ~ in other words, allow my hands to do the work instead of using mental analogies or preconceptions. The background came out as scarily bright. Its colours didn't appeal to me, almost making me doubt where this was going. As I continued, layers softened the look and the short playful feather-like brushstrokes added movement. Distancing myself from the painting, I started to see what feels like a bird. I smiled widely as I knew this kind of work could never have been planned out by me in advance, and looked perfect in that moment.

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Dimensions 600 × 900 in

white, yellow, red, black, aqua


Freedom, wellbeing, joy


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