Louise Lalande’s Artist Statement

Louise’s interest in the invisible has led her to study Love & Light, and the freedom of flight. She consciously leaves the intellectual machinations out of her art-making process to instinctively express subtle energy and impart emotions that give a voice to flow, entanglement, coherence, interconnectivity, and what the body cannot say with words.

Inspired by the magnificent beauty and mystery of nature, its inherent sacred geometry as well as our relationship to it, she comes to her canvas as an explorer. She begins by calming and emptying her thinking mind to release preconceptions and tune in with her mood, physical sensations and intuition. Led by what is in the moment and spontaneous design decisions, each brush stroke informs the next to reveal an unplanned final product.

Through her inner awareness, connection with the universe and space-time concepts, she taps into infinite potential and intrinsic harmony, to catalyzes wholeness, process emotions and practice trusting the unknown.

Louise’s use of textures, bright colours, lines, and swirls articulate paradoxical and often ambiguous worlds of inner/outer, boundlessness/restriction, play/seriousness, unity/dissonance.

The uncensored creative energies that flow through her hands allow the language deep within to surface unedited, with integrity and completeness, bringing authenticity to light. This inner bonding experience accelerates her ability to get to the heart of the matter, align Body Mind Spirit, and feel recharged. This process of painting is a meditative coCreation in which the viewer can mirror by means of contemplation. A place to stop, reflect, relax and remember to emerge where all is still and all is possible.

She ascertains that making art is a powerful, yet gentle way to discover our true selves and naturally find creative answers as it triggers whole brain thinking, which allows us to see common limiting beliefs and paradigms that hold us hostage from living an inspired life.





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