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I’m passionate about helping others awaken and amplify their creativity by encouraging authenticity, kindness and humour. My art is inspired by nature, its sacred geometry and symbiotic systems. 

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Louise Lalande

Express Yourself with coCreations

Louise Lalande coCreations is proud to have built a community of like-minded people, who all share a desire to experience the freedom of self-expression. My selection of services will help you begin exploring your innate creativity, find inspiration, and facilitate change in your life. Connect with me to find my next workshop or event and re-establish your personal power through art!

Meet Louise: Local Artist and Creativity Facilitator in Ottawa

I greatly value authenticity, kindness and humour. I love to integrate both the left and right brain hemispheres – wildly using my imagination, and using systematic methods along the way. I’m a paradox: a unique and whimsical visionary, paired with logic and commonsense.


When your creativity is engaged, I love to see the twinkle in your eyes; your smile that says, “I got it” or “I just had an idea!

You know the look and feel … the one you had when you were six going on a hundred.

That ‘you’ is still in there, waiting to grab some crayons and draw on your innate resourcefulness to reimagine what you really want to create in life.

How about letting your next adventure be one where you taste the sweetness of your heart with abandon, and feel the beauty in and around?

While creating and finding inspiration, I draw on my life experiences:

Business acumen: 27 years of experience as an architectural lighting designer.

Innovative Design Thinker: Teaching creativity workshops since 2007.

Skilled artist: Hundreds of artistic expressions and mixed media explorations.

Worldly-minded: Childhood travels across four continents, living in India, France, Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Trinidad & Tobago.

Detail oriented: Collaborating on award-winning projects while running a design firm for over 20 years.

Compassionate, holistically minded: Recovery from burnout in 1994 and depression in 2004.

Metaphysical inquisitive: A rich spiritual life anchored in yoga since 1995, and meditation practice since 2005.

As a self-taught artist, the foremost influence in my work is my love of colour. I use an intuitive style to express feelings: good, whimsical, or uncomfortable. Nature and its universal proportions, sacred geometry, never cease to inspire me.

Videos to Explore:

From Clay to Spirit

Spirited Women

Creativity. Leadership. Community. Louise shares her experience organizing the Spirited Women Collaborative in 2010. This diverse group delivered a series of exceptional inspirational, playful, creative workshops.

Hands in Dirt

Louise Lalande shares her passion working with clay to relax, feel grounded, and see what emerges; the joy of collaboration in an artist coop; and how, as her mentor Jim Thomson so often used to say, “The kiln always has the last laugh.”

The Artist’s Way

CBC Creative Block interviews Louise Lalande on lighthearted creativity, its process, inspiration, finding meaning in what we make, and the joyfulness of living she teaches as part of ‘The Artist’s Way’ program.



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