Do you know of a place where a group of paintings could promote Art for Health/Wellness?

Last December the Mood Mandala family, 30×30″ acrylic paintings, was taken out of storage and reunited for an art exhibit. I’m always thrilled to see them together as they seem to define themselves further that way.

Having moved out of my beloved studio earlier this year, they are looking for a new home. 

These paintings speak of moods: the range of passing emotions. From peace to passion, and bliss to despair. They are not titled as such, which allows the viewer to form their own connection and interpretation. They were made in 2015–2016 while I was the Artist in Residence for the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine to promote humanities in medicine.

I am DONATING eight Mood Mandala paintings. Ideally, I would love for them to be hanging together in a public place where viewers (patients, if in a hospital) can sense the feelings expressed, and how colour and form has an effect on us. However, recognizing the complexity of hanging art in public spaces managed to comply with organizational policies, it would also be fine for them to be separated if need be. 

The first photo below was taken at UOttawa while painting alongside guests (in this case a young patient) who took the opportunity to colour a mandala. The second picture is taken at a uOttawa event that promoted mental health. The photos that follow are the Mood Mandalas.

For more images of the Mood Mandalas, please click here.

Detail of Eye of the Storm (top left) and Exhibit at [in]tempo, 2019 (top right).

Four of the paintings coCreated with students now hang in the Faculty of Medicine library (bottom left) and students at play (bottom right).  

Paintings at the 2021 Studio Open House on Gladstone Ave.

About Louise

She is a long-time advocate of wellness created through intentional creativity and art making. This is a topic close to her heart as she’s experienced that creating intentional art is stress-reducing and can provide a powerful and gentle healing process. 

She co-founded the Ottawa Art and Health Network in 2012. 

At that time, she was also part of The Mental Health and Spirituality Association. To see the presentation about Exploring the Arts for Health that she made to The Royal Ottawa Hospital please click here.

In 2015 she was selected as the artist-in-residence at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa where she painted a series of 30″ x 30″mandala paintings in a public space connecting two hospitals and the Faculty of Medicine. This provided opportunities to discuss the power of the arts as it relates to health, as well as a chance for all to take up a brush to collaborate on six 24” x 24” acrylic paintings. 

To view the artist-in-residence images and stories of the Mood Mandalas on FB, please click here.

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