This gorgeous artwork above is by Autumn Skye, an incredibly talented painter.
What a perfect day (like every other day, really) to coCreate beautiful, healthy earth.
! Happy Earth Day, dear Mother-Earth!
One way to tune in to our nature is by finding quiet spaces where we can meditate, imagining ourselves surrounded by beautiful geometric forms and loving light, and then doing the same for the earth. Using sacred geometry and our imagination, we can further enhance our well-being and that of the earths.
The way I see the world in the context of the cosmos/universe is what allows me to find some peace. It isn’t necessarily ‘true’ (since no one really knows the construct of our world or what/who ‘God’ is).
As a sensitive person and an empath, I started questioning how I could navigate the world more peacefully some 30 years ago. From the many things I have read and studied over the years, as well as therapeutic interventions, I have formed an image that I will do my best to describe here.

From my limited understanding of quantum physics:

  1. We (our bodies and everything around us) are mostly made of space since at the smallest scale (well beyond what we can see) there is a huge amount of space within each particle and around each particle.
  2.  The behaviour of energy at an atomic and subatomic scale affects energy in other locations (known as resonance and entrainment)

For me, this means that our behaviour, thoughts and prayers have an effect on people, animals, and all living things. If I am calm, kind and loving, this has a tangible effect in the world – even if I don’t know how or where.

When it comes to the pain in the world, what has brought me peace, is using my intent and imagination to send Love and Light (in other words, peace and healing) to specific places, people, and the earth itself.

Carl Sagan famously said that “we are all made of star stuff”. Bill Nye says the same, and adds “We are therefore, at least one way that the Universe knows itself.”

Calcium in our bones and teeth.

Nitrogen in our DNA.

Iron in our blood.

Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, potassium…

We are a whole lot of things but I deeply believe we are energy: we have a direct effect on the world.

I acknowledge that while these interpretations may match evidence of quantum physics, they have not been established by scientific evidence and remain controversial. My understanding of how our world and universe work is minimal and is largely affected by the totality of my beliefs and my faith.

The artwork on this post is by Autumn Skye. On her website, she says that

“Each Canvas Takes Me On A Journey, And As My Paintbrush Follows, Each Time I Am Led Back To My Centre.
I Believe That The Role Of The Artist Is Especially Crucial At This Challenging And Exciting Time. While The World Is At The Precipice Of Momentous Change, Artworks Have The Potential To Be Maps, And These Maps Can Help Guide Humanity Forward Into New And Positive Ways Of Seeing And Being. Through Creativity We Have The Opportunity To Transmute Shadow And Pain Into Visions Of Healing And Wholeness.
And So, I Offer My Artwork As A Mirror, Both An Intimate Personal Reflection And A Grand Archetypical Revelation. Within These Visions, May Each Viewer Recognize Their Own Sacred Heart And Cosmic Divinity. And, Through This Recognition, May We Remember The Innate Grace That Dwells Within.”


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