We all share something in common, the energy that flows through us, individually as well as universally. This energy is almost indescribable since it isn’t as clear to our senses, but it is real. Energy is as difficult to explain as trying to describe colour to a blind person. In fact, colour is hard enough to describe to anyone, as colour exists ONLY through us. 

As deconstructed by the Illuminating Engineering Society, colour vision is an illusion created by the interactions of billions of neurons in our brain. There is no colour in the external world; it is created by neural programs and projected onto the outer world we see. Colour is created by utilizing two properties of light: energy and frequency of vibration or wavelength.

As with light so is energy; both invisible on their own, they touch us in all aspects of our lives – indoor, outdoors, home, work, day and night. It is impossible to imagine what our lives would be like without these invisible concepts, and powerful to know how to work with them.

Energy or Life Force has intelligence. The energy that created us in the womb is the same that makes flowers and trees shoot up. It has an inherent knowledge of what is needed to sustain us. How does it know how to make our hair grow, our digestion complete, how does it keep our body temperature within a few degrees, repel microbes? In short, what is it that makes our heart beat?

Energy is neutral – nor good or bad. We give it attributes but they are solely based on our experience, the stories we’ve bought into and our perception.  These stories affect our beliefs, our habits, our life. Many of them are subconscious and set off automatic behaviour and reactions. We take much for granted – which is natural because there is no need to reinvent everything – yet it is important to ask ourselves what our core beliefs are if we want to have more input and control about our living experience.

This ultimate source of energy is mysterious, yet real and palpable. We can engage with it through what I call BodyMind (the intelligence of our body). When we communicate with BodyMind huge shifts can happen. We become aware of sensations within us as well as imagining the best for our cells, which comply to the best of our ability, naturally.

E-motions, as I like to refer to them, are energy in motion. They also are not good or bad but a way for the BodyMind to express its needs. Our emotions always change and transform and, if we have a kind, inquisitive willingness to work through the challenging ones we can heal what ails us. Art is a perfect and natural conduit. I am infinately grateful for this.

ART, through gentle awareness of thoughts during its making, brings what we most need to see to light. Art making uses both light and energy. As we apply colour on a surface, it affects our inner light and emotions. This enables us to hear our intuition and connect with different parts of ourselves.

Mindful art making doesn’t make our life perfect or make all negativity disappear; that’s not the goal. However, relaxing art-making sessions can distress us, allow us to have insights and improve our way to deal with situations, which in turn make our being more peaceful.

Thoughts are energy, energy is matter, and therefore thoughts create our realities. We are all connected as one through Energy (Life Force) and as such affect each other and the planet with all that we think and do. We matter. Our kindness matters. Awareness is vital to influencing our lives.

I’ve tried and test numerous healing modalities and by far I find self-expression through intentional art the most powerful, yet gentle, tool for self-discovery and wholeness.

Art speaks. It is the fastest way to truth. I’ve been humbled and thrilled to see individuals I’ve coached experience positive changes as they make space for art in their lives. I’d be delighted to help you establish creative habits that support your journey.

First published in Tone Magazine, March 2018

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