Creativity can be celebrated as a way to nurture connection, foster self-awareness and personal expansion in a grounded, pleasurable way.

Creating art can be playful, relaxing and revitalizing – especially when we intentionally take the seriousness and need for perfection out of it. Partly because of its non-verbal, metaphoric language, using art as a way of expressing ourselves can also assist our quests in life.

I especially love to see others experience the joy and freedom that self-expression can bring.

Art-making is a non-invasive, gentle method of using self-questioning to face doubts, fears, conflicts, grief or lack of inspiration.

I have experienced its potency on many types of explorations, know it well and trust it. The undeniable connection that weaves creativity and spirit reaches our heart and soul with wholeness and wisdom. I treasure supporting each person through the creative process. 

Helping my clients develop their abilities has shown me that we are all gifted with imagination. We can learn how to access our creative resources through our own innate wisdom to positively coCreate change in our lives.

Creativity is the natural order of life, and like life, it will give you what you invest into it.
Are you searching for ways to be more creative?
Are you hungry for fun, creative, constructive time with kindred spirits?

Join me for a great adventure. 
All you need is curiosity and an open mind – No art experience is necessary.

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