I have been working with reiki for many years, that is, working with energy, awareness, and kind intent. The word Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy, which, strictly speaking, refers to the energy and not only a hands-on healing technique. Working with reiki is being aware of how we use our energy and share it with others from the way we think to the way we talk and behave.

Even though I only occasionally give hands-on reiki treatments, I practice reiki principles in all projects I undertake. The five spiritual principles of Reiki are to daily: not worry, not be angry, work honestly, give thanks to life’s blessings and be kind to neighbours and all living things.
We all share something in common, the energy that flows through us, individually as well as universally. This energy is almost indescribable since it is not as clear as our other senses, but it is real. It is as difficult to explain as trying to describe colour to a blind person. In fact, colour is hard enough to describe to anyone, as colour exists ONLY through us.
As deconstructed by the Illuminating Engineering Society, colour vision is an illusion created by the interactions of billions of neurons in our brain. There is no colour in the external world; it is created by neural programs and projected onto the outer world we see. Colour is created by utilizing two properties of light, energy, and frequency of vibration or wavelength.

As with light, so is energy. They are both invisible on their own, they touch us in all aspects of our lives – indoors or outdoors, home or work, day or night. It is hard to imagine what our lives would be like without these invisible concepts, and powerful to know how to work with them.
Each person must find their path; as a reiki practitioner, I am a humble vessel for the Universal Life Force Energy. My contribution to healing is in discovering, clarifying, and releasing the mind toward ultimate changes in consciousness: learning to master one’s mind where hidden agendas are minimized, solve problems at the material level, use creative intuition, and be present to work with cosmic power. This is a humbling and ongoing educational process.

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