I strongly believe that art, in its multiple forms, is a keystone to creating healthy lives and communities.

I have loved making art since I was a little girl. Inspired by nature, my paintings and pottery express feelings of aliveness, visceral tactility, and interconnectedness.

My art-making process is holistic as I integrate mind (thinking and specificity), body (the act of making with skill), and spirit (heart and soul).

Choosing to consciously create artworks intuitively, I specifically leave the intellectual work out to allow the language deep within to surface unedited, with integrity and completeness. This is not to say there is no meaning to the work that is created. On the contrary, I believe that what comes from the unfathomable recesses of our being brings our own truth and authenticity to light.

My artwork is often about the creative process more than the final product. It is about embracing uncertainty, ephemeral life, and healing through art-making. It is also about the pleasure that comes with harmonizing colours and textures. I celebrate the mysteries of life and creativity by being in the flow of “all knowing” as I create with form, colour, and clay instinctually and spontaneously.

As an advocate of wellness created through art-making, I co-founded the Ottawa’s Art and Health Network. To see the presentation about exploring the arts for health that I made to The Royal Ottawa Hospital (which specializes in mental health) please click here.

In 2015 I was blessed to be selected as the Artist in residence at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa. I discussed the power of the arts as it relates to health, provided others with an opportunity to colour and collaboratively create six 24” x 24” acrylic paintings, and painted a series of 15 acrylic 30” x 30” mandala paintings. To view these paintings please click here.

In 2010, as a special project, I photographed a marvellous group of women aged 78–92 for the “Girls at Heart” calendar which raised over $10,000 for the Ottawa Food Bank and Cornerstone, a women’s shelter.

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