I offer opportunities for teams to explore the metamorphic effects of creative activities to unleash innate creative talent and propel creative leadership.

Workshops and events are designed in a way that balances creativity with evocative thoughts and meaningful experiences.

In addition to Design Thinking workshops, I provide art-based workshops and art expeditions that revitalize thinking and being.

An individual cannot be truly authentic in an organization that stifles creative expression and an organization cannot remain innovative unless people are encouraged to take moderate risks, to be authentic, to experiment and fail without losing the respect of their peers or superiors.

My approach includes proven methods that enhance team efforts toward innovation and creativity: one that explores paradoxes and honours mistakes as part of the process as it ignites radiant thinking.

An important aspect of my career path was spent in the design field for 30 years. I lived, slept, and ate design! After studying interior design, my specialty became architectural lighting design. Over time I came to see that the design process is clearly applicable to any endeavour. In the last decade, Stanford University and IDEO have developed a five-step method that uses tools of the trade – these have been my tools for decades and I am happy to share them.

I facilitated my first creativity workshop in 2002. In 2010 I founded and directed a women’s collaborative where we provided a variety of workshops to support compassionate communities.

In 2013 I designed a studio space, oversaw its renovation, and directed over twenty facilitators. There, we facilitated art-based workshops ranging from dance, voice, theatre, painting, and sacred geometry for participants to explore their creativity and their connection to it.

In 2016 I co-wrote a Design Thinking and Creativity Process online course for two local colleges and facilitated numerous courses online Design Thinking courses at Algonquin College.

I believe that light shapes space controls the atmosphere, and focuses our attention, building a construct of the world we perceive, as well as our own inner world. This is to say, lighting illustrates, instantly and provocatively the innate tensions within the human condition: Darkness is much more than the absence of light: it’s an entire world of concealed form. When light emerges it brings from out of the darkness a meaning, a relationship to more than can be described with words. In a similar way, I believe that creative action illuminates our lives.

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