I believe that anyone can learn to trigger the mechanisms that generate creativity. The key is to employ evolutionary perspectives on how mental and reaction mechanisms generate feelings. I can help you to make good career decisions, deal with endings and negative influences, and make life choices that can lead to better and more sustainable mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Trained as a coach and facilitator for “The Artist’s Way” in 2008 and a long-time reiki practitioner, I combine various techniques and customize them to suits each person. Although I can work with cognitive and practical tools, having been a board member of The Association of Spirituality and Mental Health at the Royal Ottawa Hospital and trained in Mental Health 101 my approach is mindfully constructed and holistic.

Presenting a rich tapestry of strategies used by leading inventors, entrepreneurs, artists, and scientists, I help my clients experience the ability to see anew, connect seemingly unrelated concepts to gain fresh perspectives, and generate new ideas for their projects in life and at work.

I believe in the creative intelligence of each person and encourage whole-brain thinking that summons and integrates imagination (right brain) and analysis (left brain).

As we foster our innate creativity and inner resources,  we can defy our old habits to replace them with new life in all we create.

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