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Explore Louise Lalande’s original abstract artwork

Louise Lalande is an Ottawa-based artist. coCreations was built with the passion of helping others establish their creative power and find inspiration in daily life.

Experience Team Building with Louise Lalande

Strengthen your leadership skills, increase motivation, and learn how your team can make an impact by facilitating Design Thinking.


Join a Creative Community in Louise Lalande’s Workshops

No matter your artistic experience, I have just the right workshop for you! Discover your innate creativity and embody the freedom and peace that art can deliver.






My passion for the mystery of the invisible has led me to study Love, Light, and Flight. 

I consciously leaves the intellectual machinations out of my art-making process to instinctively express subtle energy and impart emotions that give a voice to flow, entanglement, coherence, interconnectivity, and what the body cannot say with words.



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