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Practice any art, music, singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, fiction, essays, reportage, no matter how well or badly, not to get money and fame, but to experience becoming, to find out what’s inside you, to make your soul grow.
Kurt Vonnegut
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I celebrate creativity as a way to nurture connection, foster self-awareness and personal expansion in a grounded, pleasurable way. I especially love to see others experience the joy and freedom that self-expression can bring.
Creating art can be playful, relaxing and revitalizing - especially when we intentionally take the seriousness and need for perfection out of it. Partly because of its non-verbal, metaphoric language, using art as way of expressing ourself can also assist out quests in life.

Art-making is a non-invasive, gentle method of using self-questioning to face doubts, fears, conflicts, grief or lack of inspiration. I have experienced its potency on many types of explorations, know it well and trust it. The undeniable connection that weaves creativity and spirit reaches our heart and soul with wholeness and wisdom. I treasure supporting each person through the creative process.

Helping my clients develop their abilities has shown me that we are all gifted with imagination. We can learn how to access our creative resources through our own innate wisdom to positively coCreate change in our lives. Creativity is the natural order of life, and like life, it will give you what you invest into it.
Are you searching for ways to be more creative?

I invite you to join me for a great adventure.
All you need is curiosity and an open mind - No art experience is necessary.

About Expressive Arts

Life is full of energy and emotions that need to be expressed. When this energy, emotions and thoughts suppressed or repressed, we become depressed. This often makes us feel stagnant, lost or stuck in unhealthy patterns. The expressive arts are a healthy alternative way to experience, feel and release emotions and fear that keeps us from living & creating our highest potential.

So what is a creative impulse? Why is it so easily blocked and shoved down inside us? Why does it allure and beckon us? Why do so many of us day dream about singing, dancing, making films, drawing, painting, writing, but then reject any opportunity to pursue it because we lack “talent” or don’t consider ourselves “creative”? The best way to learn more about the creative impulse is to follow it. Join us to investigate the mystery of creation, experiment and play!
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"The first value is our own creative self.....Everyone has an urge to create. Its expression may flow through many channels: through writing, art or music, through the inventiveness of work or in any number of ways unique to all of us, whether it be cooking, gardening, or the art of social discourse. The point is to honour the urge. To do so is healing for ourselves and for others; not to do so deadens our bodies and our spirits. When I did not write, I suffocated in silence."
Gabor Maté (Hungarian-born Canadian physician)

“Louise brings together her strategic and technical knowledge with a deep spiritual and artistic sensitivity. Her enthusiasm and drive make her courses and activities fun and enjoyable. She is a great addition to any team.”
- Cynthia Adam, Senior HR Advisor, PWGSC, and
Founder, owner at Naturexpansion

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