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Louise Lalande loves sharing knowledge about the impact of creativity and the arts on well-being and efficiency.

She is available for company lunch and learns, presentations, association meetings, and conferences.

Design Process / Play / Creativity / Inspiration / Health / Efficiency

Examples of presentation she has offered in the past these can be viewed on Slideshare:

Pecha Kucha
This presentation was made in the context of Ottawa’s Architecture Week in the context of the city's creatives whose projects explore both the visible and invisible aspects of the contemporary urban environments.

Healing through art explorations
Healing through art explorations is a presentation Louise made at The Royal Hospital in Ottawa for The Association for Spirituality in Mental Health. It is the story of her personal journey to holistic health through various art modalities, namely painting with mindfulness. Included in this presentation were reasons why to use art forms as self-expression release and other tools to so.

Creativity and self-care
This exemplifies of how creativity affects self-care.

Light and Magic
This presentation made at the 2012 Ottawa Architecture Week to raise awareness on the importance of lighting when designing a building since light not only gives us the ability to see in the dark but also affects our physical and emotional wellbeing.
This presentation focuses on Louise’s fascination with the human psyche and the arts, the emotional and physical response to colour, light, shape and space within personal and public realms.

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