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Passionate about HOLLISTICALLY supporting people REKINDLE and FUEL their CREATIVE spirit through PLAY-fulL ART-based coaching, events, and workshops, I’m a pragmatic visionary dedicated to working with authenticity, kindness and humour.
I am an accredited “Artist’s Way at work” facilitator, artist, reiki master and former architectural lighting designer. For more information please click on the colourful labels below.
As as whole, I draw on

  • A unique blend of art and science to everything I do
  • 27 years of experience as a designer and innovative design thinker
  • Running my design firm over 20 years and collaborating with large intra-professional teams on award winning projects
  • 10 years of facilitating creativity workshops
  • The creation of hundreds of artistic expressions and multiple media explorations
  • A rich spiritual life anchored in over 20 years of yoga and 12 years of meditation practice
  • Deep intuition and imagination guiding inspirited living

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“Louise Lalande, whom I have known for well over twenty years, and have worked with for approximately two years,
is one of the most professional and responsible people that I know.
She is passionate about and strongly committed to her work, very creative, and very well organized.
She is highly skilled and has broad interests in additional areas related to her work, which
allow her to apply her professional skills to a wide variety of fields.

In addition, she is extremely friendly and personable,
which allows her to amplify and build on her skills when working in large groups and teams.”
- Fred Schriever, Architect, Revit Modeling

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