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Are you ready to live more peaceful, healthy, joyful life? It all starts with PLAY!
Do you wonder how being more creative would change your life?

Visionary, yes. Logical and commonsensical, absolutely!

Integrating both left and right hemispheres of the brain is what I love and excel at. The key to making dreams come true is to use your imagination wildly, before applying systematic methods.
Living authentically happens when you own your truth.
As a coach, artPlay host or Artist’s Way facilitator Authenticity, Kindness and Humour is what I’m all about. In the mix I also weave my artistry, reiki and lighting design experience, As a whole, I draw on:

  • My experience and recovery from burn out in 1994 and depression in 2004
  • My childhood travels connecting me to oneness in the world
  • A rich spiritual life anchored in over 20 years of yoga and 12 years of meditation practice
  • Deep intuition and imagination guiding inspirited living
  • A unique blend of art and science to everything I do
  • The creation of hundreds of artistic expressions and multiple media explorations
  • Over 10 years of facilitating creativity workshops
  • 27 years of experience as a designer and innovative design thinker
  • Running my design firm over 20 years and collaborating on award winning architectural projects

I’m here to support your journey with proven tools that took me
from burnout and depression to holistic wellbeing.
Let’s rekindle and fuel your creativity for a joyful life!

Why do I do it? I love to see the twinkle in your eyes as your creativity is engaged, when your smile says “I got it” or “I just had a great idea!” You know the look and feel … the one you had when you were six going on a hundred. That ‘you’ is still there, waiting for you to grab some crayons, draw on your innate resourcefulness and reimagine the life you really want to live.

How about letting your next adventure be one where you taste the sweetness of your heart with abandon, and feel the beauty in and around?

Let your expressions speak with joy, compassion and inspired action.
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