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appreciative feedback

“Thank you again for an enjoyable creative evening last Wednesday.  You were wonderful and inspiring!”

“I can tell the wheels have been turning...thank you so much for your guidance and resources. It really makes me feel like you believe in me. That means A LOT.”

“Thanks for the small group creating such warm intimacy”

“I appreciate the space that you provided me.  This has been an excellent reminder of how these terrific tools can be applied.  Once again, thank you Louise”

“Glad to hear you are tasting life again!  Love seeing your work...and sensing into your always move out of the box in playful ways...great stuff.  What a practice to stay simple when life is so full of people to love and things to do....”       

Useful ideas found in Louise’s workshops

The ability to share

“I would like to tell you that I very much enjoyed your event and that I wouldn’t change a thing. I felt it was a great woman bonding experience and it was empowering.... I feel the more I will use my creativity and let my boundaries down that good things will come. Let me know if there will be similar events in the future I would gladly attend.”

“Brainstorming career opportunities”

“Sharing ‘feelings’ with others – not feeling alone in situation”

Creativity concepts

“Importance of creativity in a balanced / successful life”

“Understanding how creativity impacts self image”

“It [creativity] can be developed.”

“Optimism is the development of creativity”

“Creativity requires discipline and process.  It doesn’t just come”

Reflection tools

“Opening my mind to creative process”; “Great inner thinking”

“[Louise’s workshop] helped me start to think of other possibilities.  Recognize there is another side to me.

“[Finding out] what inspires me”; “identifying areas of focus”

“The questions that one needs to ask yourself”

New ways of thinking

“It helped me to think deeply into the way I think and process ideas. So far I have learned a lot about myself.” 

“Think outside the box by taking moments to reflect, doing little things.”

“Looking at things in a different way – look from a different angle – ‘outside the box’”

“Thoughts to action – action to thoughts  / positive perspective”

“Reconsider options rather than what I should or be expected to do – good thought provoking”

“Workshops and coaching helpful and greatly appreciated.”