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mandala workshop

“Create your own Mandala”

or co-create a mandala painting

with Louise Lalande

Starting in February - for schedule

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University of Ottawa

Faculty of Medicine

Medicine and Humanities Program

About Louise:

Louise is a designer, an artist, as well as a creativity and intuitive painting instructor; She is committed to facilitate workshops that balance creativity with evocative thoughts and meaningful experience. She also coaches individuals in creative leadership.

Create your own mandala ~ Flower of Life

“Every desire can be turned into a mandala which clears and resolves any issues that you choose to work on. These Mandala’s emit only a very high vibration energy frequency, that automatically eliminates any incompatible one, cleansing and bringing into balance all the elements of your being.

This means clearing any emotional and mental block that a person has around a specific issue resulting in many positive changes and a greater inner clarity. Creating Mandalas can heal both yourself as well as the loved ones.”

Dr. Irina Budimir

Explore the ancient wisdom of the sacred art and science of the Mandala to effectively awaken your soul. Using the expressive art of the mandala, meditation, prayer and intentionality, you can investigate unique ways to surmount the challenges of life, open to expanding creativity, and increase your experience of joy, love and wholeness. Emphasize on process, not product.

Use the Mandalas to add beauty  to your home or personal space, as a focus for quiet meditation  or contemplation, in a healing process, or combined with sound  and/or light in your own sacred process or ritual. They make  great gifts for friends and family.


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Mandala Magic & Mindfulness

$50 +HST (sliding scale fee available) per class

Save 15% ~ $213 +HST  for all 5

2016 Courses to be announced

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Subtle yet powerful, mandalas help to stabilize, re-arrange,

and integrate Body Mind and Spirit.

As we turn inward to investigate the mind, we discover our essential nature and innate wisdom. Mandalas access progressively deeper levels of the unconscious and the source of creativity. Mandala’s circular designs suggest the notion that life is never ending; they represent wholeness.

They are a symbolic illustration reminding us of our relationship to infinity, extending beyond, at infinite micro and macro scales, within our bodies, minds and imagination. Using a variety of simple techniques and exercises we will work with weekly themes to discover our individual reference points of power, inspiration and dreams. Music and visualizations will be incorporated throughout our explorations.

These workshops are about self-discovery through an easy process and focus on the experience rather than the product. No previous painting experience is needed. All supplies are included.  If you have favourite paper, brushes or paint feel free to bring them along.

REGISTER with or CALL 613.315.2030

ONE DAY MANDALA COURSE ~ 2016 dates to be confirmed

Create your own mandala with the aid of interwoven short presentations, discussions and visualizations.  Topics of reflection will include:

  1. Mandalas types, history and associations

  2. Colour, its combinations and symbolic associations

  3. Expressions of formal and informal shapes and sacred geometry

  4. Incorporation of animal totems and designs

  5. Integration of cultural, theological and creation symbols